Norwalk Juicers Reviews

The Norwalk Juicer company is the exclusive producer of the Norwalk 275 Food Factory and Hydraulic Press model and has for a nearly 75 years have been the quality producer of juicing equipment. Founded by Dr. Walker in the early 1900’s this machine has been improved over the years to create the high quality machine that is for sale today. As you may already know if you have read any of the many Norwalk juicers reviews online, this machine is clearly the most expensive in its class. It is considered to be one of the best available juicers and has been known as the “ultimate juicer”.

Norwalk Juicers Reviews

Features of The Norwalk Juicer:

This high quality juicer has a number of different features which set it apart from other less expensive juicers that are on the market and available for purchase.

  • One of the features to be looked at is the one-piece
    housing which allows the grinds to be changed completely. 
  • The revolutionary triturating machine also helps with
    the overall process and extraction of juices. It boasts a very high level of efficiency completing a 25 pound
    bunch of carrots within less than twenty minutes and yielding up to 8 quarts of carrot juice. 
  • The hydraulic press used within the juicer extracts the
    maximal amount of nutrients for pulp. 
  • Because of this method of grinding and extraction by
    the Norwalk model 275, the juice is exposed to a smaller mixing of air which makes the oxidation and
    decomposition of the juice occur at a slower rate. This allows the juice produced to be stored for longer
    periods of time.
  • The norwalk wheatgrass juicer is made up of five different parts
    which are easily removable in order to be cleaned. 
  • This machine is available
    in a number of different colors including the fully stainless steel model, as well as the option to have
    red, yellow, green, black, blue, white and tan to match any kitchen scheme.

Facts and Dimensions:

  • Product Size: 15 x 15 x 17 inches
  • Product Weighs: 67 pounds 
  • Voltage: 115V/230Hz- 110/220Hz 
  • Speeds: 2,850- 3450 RPM 
  • Warranty: Limited 12 Year from date of purchase when used for personal use

Benefits Found During our Norwalk Juicers Reviews

There are a number of different benefits that can be found when looking into the Norwalk 275 Food Factory and Hydraulic Juicer. If you are able to spend the extra money on this product you will be able to clearly see the higher quality results it yields.

  • It is capable of juicing anything from fruits and vegetables all the way to nuts, coffee beans and frozen desserts. It is even capable of grinding any type of wheat including wheat grass and other leafy greens.
  • One of the benefits that both beginner and expert juicers look for is the quality of the juice extraction. This juicer allows for complete extraction of the juices natural sugars, trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other positive elements. Through the hydraulic press the machine gently extracts these nutrients and creates a juice that is over extremely high quality and boasts a fine flavor which cannot be achieved by many other juicers.
  • Another benefit of this juicer is that it is an easy to clean and will not need to be cleaned until after the full amount of juice wanted is produced. No matter if you only went through a couple of fruits, or a whole refrigerator full, you will only need to clean the machine upon completion of your task.
  • There are only 5 parts to the machine which are easily disassembled and can be rinsed out and then put into the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean-up process.

 The Only Major Negetive We Come Across During Our
Reiew of Norwalk Juicer 275

The only true negative of this ultimate juicing machine is the extreme cost. While you may be able to find a gently used one for under $2,000, you will not be able to utilize the warranty if the machine defects and the part replacement can become costly. In addition the unit can only be purchased through the Norwalk website so it is difficult to find any real discounts. The selling price for the stainless steel model is over $2400, with the other colored models coming in just over $2300.


If you are able to spend the extra money on this product you will be able to clearly see the higher qualitym results it yields.

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